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Sleep Deprivation Makes It Difficult to Suppress Unwanted Thoughts

April 18, 2022

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Man suffering from unwanted thoughts and sleep deprivation in Fort Worth

We all have unwanted thoughts from time to time. In many cases, we are able to quickly dismiss such thoughts and move on with our day. Sometimes, though, it is much more difficult to control our thinking. What factors affect whether we can get rid of unwanted thoughts? Research indicates that sleep deprivation in Fort Worth plays a large role.

Sleep Deprivation and Unwanted Thoughts

A study from the University of New York asked 60 healthy participants to view images that they had been trained to associated with negative thoughts. Some of them did so after a full night of rest, while others did so after a night of total sleep deprivation.

The patients who did not sleep suffered an increase in unwanted thoughts of nearly 50% compared to those who had a good night’s sleep. In contrast, the individuals who slept well found it much easier to view the images in a positive light and showed a reduced sweat response.

The study provides insight into why humans’ ability to control unwanted thoughts can vary so greatly from day to day. It also points to the potential for individuals with sleep disorders or psychiatric problems to get caught up in a vicious cycle. Such individuals may not sleep well, which can cause them to have negative thoughts. Negative thoughts, in turn, can make it difficult to rest at night.

Improving the Quality and Quantity of Your Sleep

If you struggle with unwanted thoughts in Fort Worth, mental health treatment may be necessary. However, it is also possible that poor-quality sleep is to blame for your problem. If you suspect that is the case, speak to a qualified medical professional about undergoing a sleep test. The test will reveal whether you have sleep apnea or another sleep disorder.

Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by repeated pauses in breathing throughout the night. It disrupts the sleep cycle and can play a major role in sleep deprivation. Fortunately, it is usually not difficult to treat. You might need something as simple as an oral appliance, which is a small device that repositions the jaw to facilitate better breathing.

Lifestyle changes can also help to keep sleep apnea under control. For example, you might need to cut back on caffeine and alcohol, lose excess weight, or start sleeping on your side instead of your back. Within days of making such adjustments and beginning sleep apnea treatment, you may find that the quality and quantity of your rest greatly improves. Hopefully, you will also find it much easier to dismiss unwanted thoughts and enjoy a more positive mindset.

Meet Dr. Conditt

Dr. Mitch Conditt is a dentist with decades of experience. In recent years, his practice has been dedicated primarily to helping people cope with sleep apnea via oral appliance therapy. As someone who has personal experience with sleep apnea, he is highly empathetic toward his patients. To learn more about him and how he may be able to serve you, contact our team at 817-527-8500.

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