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BlueCross BlueShield for Sleep Apnea Therapy – Fort Worth, TX

How BlueCross BlueShield Can Help You Get the Rest You Need

A young woman asleep in bed, getting adequate sleep after receiving sleep apnea therapy in Fort Worth

When in need of a restful night’s sleep, you’ll do just about anything. However, if you are suffering from sleep apnea, this can make the process more difficult, as you have little control over your body’s ability to sleep and function throughout the night. When choosing to seek treatment, you may find that there is a multitude of available options, but which one will be most effective without breaking the bank? In times like these, your dental insurance through BlueCross BlueShield can get you the coverage you need to receive oral appliance therapy and begin resting more peacefully.

BlueCross BlueShield Insurance for Sleep Apnea

A stethoscope laying on top of a pile of health insurance paperwork

If you are seeing a sleep dentist like Dr. Conditt for treatment, it is likely because you are CPAP intolerant and require an alternative solution to help you achieve a better quality of life. Individuals who cannot use other methods of sleep apnea treatment may find that the only solution to achieving a better quality of life is with oral appliance therapy. While this is a simple, easy-to-use, and more comfortable alternative, you may be asking, “Is it covered by medical insurance?”

While it might sound a bit strange to file under health insurance instead of dental, especially when seeing a sleep dentist, oral appliances are designated as durable medical equipment in your health insurance policy, making it possible to receive coverage. That is if you are seeing an in-network provider.

The best part about choosing Fort Worth Snoring & Sleep Center to receive sleep apnea therapy is that our team has already done all the legwork to ensure they are in-network with most BlueCross BlueShield policies. Not only does this mean less work for you when trying to find someone who will provide treatment, but it also means your out of pocket expenses will be significantly lower than if you were to seek a provider who is out of network. You can trust that our team will always do a benefit verification before beginning treatment to be sure your specific group plan covers oral appliance therapy in our office.

If we discover we are not in-network with your particular BlueCross BlueShield plan, we are pleased to offer cash pricing and courtesy out of network filing to make the process easier for you.

Our In-House Insurance Experts

A front desk receptionist helping a patient with medical insurance questions

Our team of experts have multiple years of combined insurance knowledge and they know how to make it work for you. Need sleep apnea therapy? Our team can assist in working with your medical insurance provider, BlueCross BlueShield, to ensure your oral appliance is covered. You will never have to worry about managing all the intricate details associated with claims and paperwork, as they will be happy to file on your behalf.