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Meet Yvette – Fort Worth, TX

Our team at Fort Worth Snoring & Sleep Center is excited for you to meet our Marketing Specialist, Yvette! She joined our team in 2023, and she’s been cultivating relationships in and out of the office ever since. If you’d like to learn more about her, like her journey to our practice, before your next visit, keep reading!

Learn About Yvette's Path to the Practice

Yvette has extensive experience in office administration, customer service, and office relations and she is proud to bring her knowledge and training to serve our patients and team members at Fort Worth Snoring & Sleep Center!

My Favorite Part of Being a Marketing Specialist

For Yvette, the best part of being a Marketing Specialist is twofold: interacting with new people and using every day as a growth opportunity.

My Life Outside of the Practice

Yvette and her husband have been married for 17+ wonderful years. Together, they have two beautiful children and three fur babies, which makes her life outside the office quite busy. As for hobbies, she thoroughly enjoys photography, hiking, exploring new trails with her dogs, going to the beach, and spending time with family. Here’s something you might not know about her: she is great at movie trivia!