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Sleep Apnea Technology – Fort Worth, TX

Innovations that Support Your Sleep

Using digital impressions scanner, a piece of sleep apnea technology in Fort Worth

Here at Fort Worth Snoring and Sleep Center , Dr. Conditt and our team aim to provide the most efficient, highest-quality treatment possible to our patients. To that end, not only do we keep up-to-date on the latest research in our field, but we have also invested in some advanced sleep apnea technology. Read on below to learn how our CBCT machine and digital impressions scanner are enhancing the patient experience and facilitating effective care. If you have any questions about what you discover, feel free to reach out to us .

CBCT Machine

Carestream CBCT machine in corner of Dr. Conditt’s office

CBCT is an acronym that stands for “cone beam computed tomography.” A CBCT machine may also be called a cone beam scanner or a cone beam CT scanner. However you refer to it, this remarkable piece of technology plays an important role in allowing us to provide effective treatment for both obstructive sleep apnea and TMD therapy.

Our machine, the CS 9600 by Carestream, uses a cone-shaped beam of radiation to produce highly detailed, three dimensional images of the tissues that it scans. It thereby allows Dr. Conditt to perform an in-depth analysis of your airway, joints, head, neck, and sinuses. This can help him determine why you are struggling to breathe at night, assist him in evaluating your TMJ, and give him the information he needs to determine how best to address the problems.

The scanning process is easy and noninvasive. It is completely painless, and most scans can be completed in under one minute. All you have to do is remain still while the machine does its work.

Digital Scanner

Digital scan of patients upper and lower teeth against neutral background

If you have ever gotten a dental restoration, such as a bridge or crown, your dentist may have used a tray filled with a gooey material to create an impression of your teeth. Impressions are also important in sleep dentistry. However, instead of using a bulky tray and unappealing goo, we use the Meditlink i500 digital impressions scanner.

The scanner has two small, high-speed cameras, which are part of a wand-like appliance, to capture countless images of the teeth. Next, advanced software assembles those images into a digital representation of your smile. We send the impression to the laboratory that will create your sleep apnea appliance, and they can use it as the basis for fabricating a device that will fit you perfectly and provide effective relief from your sleep apnea symptoms.

Our digital scanner streamlines the treatment process, removes delays caused by shipping manual impressions, reduces wastefulness, and promotes patient comfort.