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Diagnosing TMD – Fort Worth, TX

Getting to the Root of the Issue

Man holding jaw in pain

When treating a serious condition like TMJ disorder and providing much-needed relief from common TMJ symptoms, patients need a doctor who can move beyond the scope of traditional dentistry and teeth. Dr. Mitch Conditt at Fort Worth Snoring & Sleep Center puts his training in neuromuscular dentistry to good use by using state-of-the-art technology like the TENS unit and the K7 System. These devices gather valuable information that determines whether a patient is suffering from improper jaw alignment or an aggravated temporomandibular joint, allowing our team to take the next steps toward a fulfilling treatment plan.

Why Choose Us for Diagnosing TMD?

  • K7 System delivers unmatched diagnostic precision
  • TENS machine provides targeted pain relief & reduces inflammation
  • Doctor with more than 30 years of experience

How does the TENS unit work?

Patient receiving TENS treatment

Dr. Conditt uses the TENS unit to relax the muscles that are located in the patient’s neck and head. This is accomplished by sending gentle, comfortable electric pulses to the areas, resulting in increased blood flow that adds oxygen and nutrients while removing waste. After a period of time has passed, your muscles should enter a deep state of relaxation, allowing our team to determine the ideal position for your corrected bite.

How does the K7 System work?

K7 system unit

The K7 System uses three different methods to provide a comprehensive diagnosis of your condition. First, electromyography (EMG) measures your muscle activity, followed by the capture of detailed 3D images of your jaw when it’s both in motion and at rest.

Finally, electrosonography (ESG) allows Dr. Conditt to hear noises that might be occurring in the jaw because of TMJ disorder. All of this information helps our team determine the facts behind your bite’s misalignment.

Relief from TMJ symptoms can be achieved, and Fort Worth Snoring & Sleep Center is here to help. You’ll always be made to feel comfortable and well cared for at our Fort Worth location; our knowledgeable and high-tech approach sends a clear signal that you’re in good hands.

We know you’ll be amazed by how incredible it feels to wake up each morning without any of that frustrating, aching pain! Contact us today to schedule your first visit.