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Headaches & Migraines – Fort Worth, TX

How a TMD Can Cause Chronic Headaches & Migraines

Frustrated woman with head in hands

Nearly everyone has experienced a headache at one point or another in their lives, but many don’t realize how difficult it can be to struggle with chronic, severe headaches and migraines day in and day out. The cost can be extreme – lost time spent in the dental office, lost hours at work, and more. What’s worse is that many patients can’t find the help they need because their symptoms are improperly diagnosed or assumed to be caused by outside factors.

Fort Worth Snoring & Sleep Center offers effective migraine relief for patients with pain that’s connected to TMD.

Why Choose Fort Worth Snoring & Sleep Center for Headache & Migraine Treatment?

  • Able to find the root cause of chronic head pain
  • Proven drug-free treatment
  • Can provide long-term relief

What’s happening in my body during a headache or migraine?

Frustrated man with head in hands

Headaches and migraines are caused by specific nerves that can be located in several parts of the head, including the scalp, the face, the mouth, the throat, or along the surface of the brain. Many of the nerves are extremely delicate, which is why even slight irritations to nearby muscles (such as those caused by TMJ disorder) can lead to discomfort.

How do I know if my headache or migraine pain is severe enough to warrant treatment?

Animation of brain
  • In addition to localized pain in the head, you also regularly experience discomfort in the neck and/or face.
  • You have a headache immediately when waking up.
  • Your headache/migraine consistently interferes with your family life or productivity.
  • Activity worsens the pain you’re experiencing.
  • You experience increased sensitivity to nearby light/noises/odors.

Can you help alleviate my headache/migraine pain?

Man with headache holding his head

With an extensive understanding of neuromuscular dentistry and modern diagnostic technology at his disposal, Dr. Conditt is well-equipped to treat patients who are in need of headache and migraine relief. Our team will be sure to keep you as comfortable as possible throughout your care, providing personalized treatment options that are minimally invasive and effective in helping you regain a pain-free life. Contact our Fort Worth, TX dental office today to schedule your first appointment!