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Types of Oral Appliances – Fort Worth, TX

Your Options For Better Sleep

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If Dr. Mitch Conditt at Fort Worth Snoring & Sleep Center has learned just one thing in his many years of helping people overcome snoring and sleep apnea, it’s that there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” treatment. That’s why he’s happy to provide a wide variety of oral appliances made by some of the world’s most trusted manufacturers. And, no matter which appliance you end up getting, you can trust that it will be personally designed by Dr. Conditt to ensure a comfortable fit as well as a peaceful night of sleep.

Why Choose Fort Worth Snoring & Sleep Center for Oral Appliances?

  • Wide selection of appliances for the perfect fit
  • Always custom-designed by Dr. Conditt
  • Made by the world’s top manufacturers


Prosomnus oral appliance

Prosomnus appliances are some of the most popular ones available today, and that’s because they are small, durable, and easily adjustable. We offer both the IA and EVO version of Prosomnus appliances. The main difference between the two is the flexibility of the newer EVO appliance. With both the IA and EVO they come in two different pre-molded pieces, and these are adjusted by swapping out one of the pieces in order to find the perfect fit.


Herbst oral appliance

The Herbst is a very small and light appliance that fits over the top and bottom rows of teeth, and the two sections are connected by two thin metal arms located at the sides. These arms can be adjusted to find the perfect position for a patient. While wearing one, a patient will retain the full range of motion of their jaw and be able to speak and drink with ease. These appliances can also be used to help address problems with the jaw joint as well, which can often be the underlying cause of chronic facial pain and/or teeth grinding.

Herbst Advanced

Herbst Advanced oral appliance

As you can imagine, the Herbst Advanced appliance works very similarly to a regular Herbst appliance, but it is able to move the lower jaw further by comparison. This enables it to treat patients with more severe sleep apnea, and the metal arms have a simple to understand adjustment design that makes it easy for both doctors and patients to know how their appliance should be calibrated.

Dorsal Appliances

Dorsal appliances

The Dorsal appliance is made of a high-quality plastic material that is shaped to fit snuggly and comfortably over a patient’s teeth. On the sides, it has a small set of hinges that can be turned with a tiny key to advance the lower jaw. This enables a doctor and patient to find the perfect setting that both feels good and provides adequate treatment. They leave plenty of room for the tongue in the mouth, enabling a patient to speak and drink normally while getting ready for bed.

EMA Appliance

EMA appliance

An EMA appliance is one of the smallest sleep appliances available on the market today. Two thin plastic trays are placed over the teeth, and they are connected by a set of bands on the side. These bands can quickly be taken out and swapped for different ones in order to find the right fit for a patient. It takes seconds to adjust and can easily provide long-term relief from sleep apnea and snoring.