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Ear & Neck Pain – Fort Worth, TX

Is Your Ear & Neck Pain Because of TMD?

Man holding neck in pain

TMD is often called an “imposter” disease, and for good reason – it can exhibit a wide variety of symptoms, making it difficult for doctors to pinpoint a specific cause. For patients with localized pain in their ears and/or neck that has gone unsolved, visiting Fort Worth Snoring & Sleep Center for diagnostic care and focused, minimally invasive treatment may be the solution you need.

Why Choose Us for Ear & Neck Pain Treatment?

  • We treat the root cause of the problem, not the symptoms
  • Treatments custom-designed for every patient
  • Doctor with more than 30 years of experience

Ear Pain

Man in pain holding ear

Are you regularly experiencing a ringing or roaring sound in your ears that has no known cause (a condition that’s also known as tinnitus)? Is there inflammation, swelling, or congestion occurring? Are earaches a constant part of your day?

TMJ disorder could be the cause. When a patient’s bite out of its proper alignment, the related muscles and nerves are negatively affected, leading to tension and irritation that spreads to the smaller muscles of the ears and results in ear pain.

Neck Pain

Woman holding neck in pain

Many people associate regular neck pain with posture issues or spending too long in one position (such as talking on the phone or working at a computer). However, the presence of TMD can result in the muscles in this area being overworked. Your muscles are constantly functioning together to accomplish movement, and when one muscle is strained, other nearby muscles (like the ones in your neck) can be “recruited” to take on some of the burden, inadvertently causing an imbalance that results in discomfort.

Can you treat my ear and neck pain?

Model of skull bone

During your appointment here in Fort Worth, Dr. Conditt will utilize his neuromuscular training and perform a comprehensive evaluation of your bite, determining whether your earaches and/or neck pain are related to TMD. Then, he can suggest the proper treatment plan and help you regain not only a strong, healthy smile, but a body that’s comfortable and properly functioning as well. Contact us today to schedule a visit!