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Sleep Apnea & TMJ/TMD Treatment Reviews – Fort Worth, TX

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The work that Dr. Mitch Conditt does at Fort Worth Snoring & Sleep Center can be truly life-changing, but you don’t have to just take our word for it. In our online reviews, you’ll see story after story written by satisfied patients talking about how he was able to solve problems no other doctor could, getting them out of pain and helping them finally get a good night’s rest. Read as many as you like—they’ll tell you everything you need to know about our dental office!

Read Our Google Reviews

Patient Testimonials

"After getting my oral appliance in, I had the best week of sleep in 30 years probably. I don't remember waking up on my own so easily, feeling rested, in such a long time. I've been using the oral appliance daily for several months, have more energy, remember things better, etc. The oral appliances are small and hardly noticeable when I sleep (though they took a few days to get used to).

I can't thank Dr. Conditt and his team enough. I am treated like an important customer when I come into their office. They are polite and considerate of your time (it's like I'm not in a doctor office seriously!). I recommend their office to others any chance I get."

-Chris Byers

"I have had an awesome experience with Dr. Conditt and his staff. Dr. Conditt provided me with a customized oral appliance and program that has significantly reduced my severe sleep apnea.

Prior to working with Dr. Conditt, I was unable to sleep peacefully and safely. My extremely loud snoring made it impossible for my wife to sleep in the same room with me. Dr. Conditt fixed all that. I no longer snore and now sleep comfortably and safely next to my wife. I am waking up in the morning well rested and ready to start a new day.

Dr. Conditt provided me with an appliance that has changed my life. He has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to develop a customized program for his patients for treating sleep apnea."

-Wallace Owens

"Dr. Conditt's office was able to schedule me within two days after calling as a first-time patient. His staff (Brandi and Carrie) treated me with care and compassion and took the time to understand my needs. When I was seen by Dr. Conditt, he displayed sympathy and conducted a thorough exam of my symptoms to properly diagnose me. He did an excellent job in educating me about my condition and what treatment plan that we were going to pursue, which is the thing that stood out to me the most because I could see he genuinely cared. Brandi and Carrie did an excellent job in coordinating and working with my schedule. It's really nice to call with a need and if they cannot give you an answer right away, they will call you back. When they say they will call you back they mean it which has never happened to me at another dentist office! It's nice that you don't have to call and remind them! I highly recommend Dr. Conditt and his office for their unparalleled quality customer service and providing solutions. I sought treatment for my TMJ and he has done an excellent job!"

-Jordan Looney

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If you’ve recently visited and been treated by Dr. Conditt, we’d love to hear about it! Online reviews not only help us continually improve our level of care, but they also provide important information for patients in need of TMJ or sleep apnea treatment. Your review could be just what someone needs to start seeking out the care they need! To rate/review our dental office, simply click on the link below.

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