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Treating TMD/TMJ – Fort Worth, TX

How We Can Make the Pain Go Away

Dentist looking at skull x-ray and patient chart

Problems associated with the TMJ can have many causes, and Fort Worth Snoring & Sleep Center is committed to not only determining the underlying reason for a patient’s pain, but treating it directly as well. Dr. Mitch Conditt can provide numerous solutions that are proven to stop chronic head and neck pain dead in its tracks. If you’re ready to get out of pain and stay that way, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Why Choose Us for treating TMD/TMJ?

  • Able to effectively stop head, neck, & jaw pain without drugs
  • 30+ years of experience
  • Treatments custom-designed for each patient

Splint Therapy

Woman holding jaw in pain

A splint from Dr. Conditt will be designed to hold the jaw at its proper alignment in a comfortable fashion, gradually creating long-term, stabilizing changes. Once a certain period of time has passed (around three months) of diligent use, Dr. Conditt will reassess your condition and determine if your symptoms have been positively affected in any significant way. Depending on the severity of the patient’s TMD, they may be finished with therapy at this point in their journey, or they may need to wear the splint for maintenance purposes at certain times of the day.

Learn More About Splint Therapy

Neuromuscular Approach

Dentists looking at skull x-ray

The reason so many doctors misdiagnose TMD is because they only look at one part of the body, usually the one that is experiencing pain, and end up missing the underlying cause: strain and stress in the TMJ. Dr. Conditt, however, looks at the jaw, head, and neck as one interconnected system. This enables him to get to the root of a patient’s pain so he can treat the source of the problem rather than just the symptoms, leading to better and longer lasting relief.

Learn More About Neuromuscular Approach

Orthodontic Correction & Restorative Treatments

Woman holding jaw in pain

Additional services like orthodontic correction or restorative treatment could become necessary to bolster the success of your care. Dr. Conditt will advise you every step of the way in your recovery process, providing insight and experienced TMJ treatment that will take you to your goal.