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Meet Clair—Fort Worth, TX

Clair understands that visiting any type of doctor’s office can be hard for some people, so she enjoys bringing a kind face and reassuring attitude to our practice that can help put our patients at ease. She greets everyone with a smile and feels honored to make a difference while supporting them throughout their treatment process with us.

Learn About Clair’s Path to the Practice

Clair began her healthcare career in high school, obtaining her CNA when she was 18. She started by working in nursing homes and assisted living facilities with dementia and Alzheimer's patients before completing her training as a medical assistant through the Arlington Medical Institute.

My Favorite Part of Being Our Patient & Sleep Test Specialist

Nothing makes Clair happier than watching the tension leave a patient’s face as she talks to them and walks them through what to expect, and she also loves seeing someone months after their initial visit when their health and life have improved dramatically thanks to our care.

My Life Outside of the Practice

Clair and her husband have been together for over 15 years, and they have three boys who are their pride and joy. She loves spending time with them, whether this involves crafting things, visiting the zoo or aquarium, or playing board games.